It’s not so strange if you can recognize this sweet eyes guy. You’ll likely remember his face from his television series or maybe even a flashback when your girlfriend was watching Desperate Housewives. She may have even told you “My sweets, why can’t you have the look and the body of him” From that point on you started hitting the gym hard and possibly even put Jesse on your blacklist.

Jesse Eden Metcalfe is the full name of the American actor from California that many of you may know him from ABC’s Desperate Housewives among other shows. He plays John Rowland, the gardener that slept with Eva Longoria’s hot cougar character, Gabrielle Solis. The sex appeal, those sixpack abs, and those sweet eyes were derived from his English, Irish, French, Italian and Portuguese bloodline.

The questions and answers below were composed while our Editor In Chief was on the road in America while Jesse was in England at the time.  

At 36, you look great and much younger then your actual age, what keeps your energy up?
A younger woman. Just kidding...but not entirely. I've always looked much younger than I actually am, which can be a blessing and a curse. I feel like I'm finally at an age where I'm being seen as a grown man and getting the respect that comes along with that. I've heard many people say that mid to late 30's can be the beginning of the 'sweet spot' for male actors in the business so I'm feeling great about my age at the moment.

We are now counting down to our 20 years of Esquire in Thailand this October. "Esquire Milestones" Do you still rememberyour life and dreams in 1995? If so, what were they, we’d love to know?
Well back in '95 I was listening to a lot of gangster rap, and dreaming about getting of the small town I lived in in Connecticut. At 17 and a senior in high school, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to go to NYU in New York City and study film. Guess I was on the right track.
Who is the sexiest woman alive in your opinion and why?
Are you trying to get me in trouble here? Definitely my girlfriend of nine years, Cara Santana of course, because she's the total package. She's incredibly beautiful and very intelligent, has impeccable style and the biggest heart of anyone I've ever know.
Jesse as an Actor is…?
Diligent. I believe preparation is the key to success and a great performance. I've always had a strong work ethic, and the drive to success and do great work. Whether I've achieved that or not is still to be determined, but the effort is certainly there.
What have you learned from your career in Hollywood thus far?

Diplomacy. In any business, you need to be able to communicate well others in order to get to where you want to go. You need to have friends, be well liked. Dealing with the different perspectives, personalities and egos is truly an art. But I think mastering it can take you far. Just as far, if not further, than talent alone.
From London, Milan, to New York Fashion week You have emerged in the Menswear world as of late - what is fascinating to you about the world of men's fashion?
As an artist, what you wear is yet another means of self-expression, and dressing truly is an art in and of itself. I enjoy beautiful clothing, beautiful people and chic parties, but I've always had a great appreciation for design in all forms. Being that clothing is something we wear on our bodies it becomes very personal, almost a part you, and it can affect you and the way you feel about yourself as much as it affects the people around you. It's a powerful medium that I have a deep respect for. And much like creating a great episode of television or a film, fashion is a world where many different artistic disciplines collide. Fashion design, photography, styling and modeling all work together to create an aesthetic.
If we get a chance to spend 24 hours with you what would it be like? What would we be doing?
Well it certainly depends on where in the world we met, but if we were in LA?... Back home it's all about staying creative and inspired, and taking care of myself physically and mentally between projects. We'd definitely have to hit the gym early, but not too early, and get a healthy lunch after. Lately my favorite spot for lunch has been this vegan, Mexican restaurant, Gracias Madre. Then maybe lay out by the pool and hang with my dogs (Dexter and Shepherd). I usually have a one or two scripts to read, then play some guitar for a couple hours. Playing music is a big part of my day, every day. Then dinner with me and my girl and possibly some live music after. Community (aka No Name) on Fairfax is a great venue or even The Roxy which is literally just below my house. Sound cool?
Many have said that it is a new “Golden age of American Television” from a Television veterans prospective what do you think about that? Do you agree?

I agree to certain extent. The past decade has been an amazing time for television and there have been a lot of very high quality series that have really pushed the envelope creativity. And that's great to see for actors and other people who see television as an art form and not just a business. It's not just about ratings anymore. We really needed to get out of that corporate mindset and away from the formulaic storytelling that television was associated with for so many years. Cable television really paved the way at first and now everyone is following suite. It's an exciting time.
Jesse must have(s) are?
Where do I begin? Love, freedom, a passport? Maybe a great leather jacket.

Have you been to Thailand? Either way - Jesse’s definition of Thailand is?

I've yet to go, but when I think of Thailand I think of unbelievably beautiful beaches.
You appear to have a craving for fine Classic car, Hence the1987 Mercedes Benz560SL, what is next on your wish list?
I just got the 560sl a few months ago and I use it as my everyday driver. It was the perfect summer ride in L.A. The classic Benz market has been insane over the last decade. I've always been a big fan of 60's Pagota's as well. My taste in classics has definitely evolved. I used to be an 'American Muscle' kind of guy. I owed two Camaro's ('67 and '68ss and a '72 Corvette) back in my twenties. And I still have a soft spot for them. A stock '66 Nova L79 is still a dream car of mine.
What’s next for Jesse – anything on the horizon you care to share?
I'm about to start production on the sequel to 'Dead Rising: Watchtower,' a live action movie based on the highly successful video game franchise, I did for Sony Crackle and Legendary. I did all my own stunts in the first film, so being a part of this franchise a total thrill ride! If you're a fan of the zombie genre, I highly recommend checking out the first fil, 'Dead Rising: Watchtower' out now on Crackle.

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