The art of wearing a suit is just that, an art. And like a great piece of art the individual expression and creativity lies within the form.  

The fit and cut are of the utmost importance. The best thing about a perfectly fitted suit is that it makes you look like a better version of yourself. More commanding and statuesque, improving your posture, broadening your shoulders, and slimming your waist, making you look and feel more powerful and sophisticated. While an ill-fitting suit can do just the opposite.

Fit and cut have a tendency to shift with time and trends. Lapel width, shirt collar spread, jacket length, pant break, etc. You definitely want to maintain a contemporary look when wearing a suit. All these small details are of equal importance and can make or break the overall look.

As long as you play by these rules you're free to create and express your personal style, and chose the suit that's most appropriate for your environment.

Suit by John Varvatos | Sunglasses by Thom Browne | Boots by Saint Laurent

Photography by Joshua Michael Shelton

Photography by Joshua Michael Shelton

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